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Find the Best Gutter Supply on Oahu For Your Home

Are you looking work on your rain gutters as a DIY project or already have a team in place to take care of it? 

We can help you get the best rain gutter materials to get the job done with our gutter run-out service!

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Having Low-Quality Gutter Materials Can Lead to Problems

You want to make sure the types of rain gutters and gutter material you choose are right for your home. 

There are some choices out there that may be cheap but won't last long. While there are some that are durable but expensive and will likely require professional installation.

Take a look below for more information.

Seamless vs. Sectional


Made from single piece of gutter material. Professionally cut to match exact length needed for your home.

No seams means leaks are less likely to happen with these types of gutters so they are longer lasting. Seamless rain gutters also look higher quality and enhance the overall look of your home. 

Most of the time professional installation is required.


Often the best choice for DIY projects as sectional rain gutters come in more manageable pieces.

Sectional rain gutters are easier to install and generally cost less than seamless rain gutters. However, due to the way they are connected sectional tend to not last as long.

Maintenance is very important with sectional gutters.

Types of Gutter Materials

If you are looking for gutter supply on Oahu, there are a few different types of materials to choose from...


Gutters made of copper tend to stand out. They look beautiful, resist rust and last a long time.

These types of gutters are the highest quality. When properly maintained and installed by experts copper rain gutters can last for generations to come. They are very strong and sturdy. 

Copper gutters do have a higher upfront cost. 


The most popular choice all around for rain gutters on Oahu. They are sturdy and lightweight at the same time.

If you are looking for high quality rain gutters that you can customize and blend in with your home, aluminum may be the best choice for you. They can easily be painted over and installed.

They may not be as strong as copper but still durable!


Many sectional rain gutters are made of vinyl. It's lightweight and low cost makes it a favorite for DIY.

Vinyl is great if you are looking to get this project done on your own and are looking for some upfront savings. 

However, vinyl tends to not last as long as copper or aluminum gutters. They and easily crack and sag.

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Lucas Rain Gutters is here to bring you the supplies you need for your rain gutter project. 

Whether seamless or sectional. Whether copper, aluminum or vinyl we got you covered. 

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If, for any reason, you aren't fully satisfied with our rain gutter supplies, please contact our team within 3 days of receiving your product and we will fix anything. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need.

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